Host A Student | YFU Thailand


Becoming a host family is a chance for your family to make the world your home.

By inviting a young person from another country to be part of your family, you not only show someone else a new piece of the world, you get to experience a new piece of the world as well. Hosting is the perfect opportunity to share your unique story: your culture, traditions, and customs. As your student becomes an integrated part of your family, you will both gain global perspective and will increase in tolerance, making you a leading factor in the reduction of harmful stereotypes. This investment makes an ordinary life an extraordinary one and will alter your life forever as you mold the life of your student.

Here at YFU, we are open to anyone interested in becoming a host family, whether you are young or old, married, partnered, or single, have children or not. We don't look for a certain kind of religious or political view. We look for host families that will lovingly open their homes, offering guidance and support. Your lifestyle and culture are unique and extraordinary to your future exchange student, and we want you to be a part of our program.

YFU understands that hosting is an exciting and sometimes challenging endeavour. We want you to enjoy our program as much as the participating students, and we are here for you as a backbone of support. We offer orientation opportunities, and our volunteers are trained to help you become acclimated to a cross-cultured home. The YFU professional staff are also available every day, all day to support you in your journey as a host family.

- ​This is a chance to share your story, your traditions, and your customs while learning about others.
- Your ordinary life is extraordinary to an exchange student.
- You are an ambassador just being yourself.
- Change the course of an individual life.
- Enable us to be citizens of one world.
- Above all, hosting an exchange student is a fun experience that energizes your family and gives you a more global perspective without you having to leave