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YFU Exchanges and COVID-19

Can I still go on exchange? YES, YOU CAN!

As we approach the end of a very challenging year, we begin to see a silver lining. Compared to the first wave of COVID-19 infections, governments and societies are better prepared, measures more targeted and prove to be successful. Furthermore, scientists are making progress in finding a vaccine that will hopefully help us return to a more normal social life in the upcoming years.

With this optimistic attitude in mind, YFU is preparing its future exchange programs. All our Member Organizations have revised their programs to include special COVID-19 protocols as well as increased support for our students, host and natural families. No one is left behind!

While the day-to-day life will likely still be a bit different than before the pandemic, we are confident that we can provide a meaningful and deeply transformative exchange experience. The students that are currently on program are proving this already.

Young people need to learn about other cultures, develop close connections with their peers across the world and strive to make the world a better place. It is for that reason that we work at keeping exchanges alive despite all challenges and continue investing in our future generations.

Our way to achieve that is through transformational educational student exchange programs and we will continue this legacy for many years to come!