Study Abroad | YFU Thailand


What would it feel like to travel the path less taken? To hold the world in your hands? YFU makes this abstract idea a reality through our cultural exchange program.

Studying abroad is your opportunity to place your heart in another community and gain global understanding and perspective by deepening your appreciation for other cultures and customs. Even the seemingly insignificant parts of everyday life such as meals and transportation will become a new world for you to enjoy and engage in. These dynamic experiences offer you a transformative learning experience that develops valuable life skills such as better decision making and conflict resolution. Your journey will help you grow in confidence, comprehension, and capability, and you will learn more about yourself as you leave your mark in another part of the world.

High school education in another country, will give Thai students a great experience with foreign language and knowledge of a new culture. Students will live with host family, developing self confidence and learning to solve problems by themselves. These experiences will help their personal development and future success.

High School Program

International Secondary school graduates between the ages of 17 and 23 can participate in university-level academic exchange programs at community colleges across the United States. Students can choose between a semester or year-long English Language Program, the Academic Semester Program, or the academic-year Certificate Program. A two-year degree Program is also offered, where students live independently in apartments during the second year.

Community College Program